City Mouse (dyvinesweetness) wrote,
City Mouse

Love quanta

I had to post this because it's so corny, SO nerdy and so us.

J: [in response to a text I sent]: Aw yay! thank you lovealoo! I love you!
E: I love you more!
J: Not possible!
E: It's true. I checked!
J: My heart is bigger than yours, thus I can love you more than you can love me thus you cannot love me more. QED
E: The notion of love coming from the heart was disproved eons ago. Love is an emotion and emotions are psychological processes. I am the psych expert between us and understand such things more. Ipso facto I love you more.
J: But the psyche is seated in the brain and my brain is bigger than yours. Thus, I still love you more. Precision!
E: It has been scientifically proven that brain size has nothing to do with brain capacity whether relating to intelligence or emotional competencies. Therefore my previous theory about my knowledge of psychology remains. Bam roasted.
J: I hate/love you so much right now.
E: I hate/love you more! =p!!

Also he's a size-queen.
Tags: big spoon, tms
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