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This weekend I went to see The Boy again. It was great (per usual). I stayed Friday to Monday. Both Monday and Friday were mainly us chillin laying about. Saturday we went to Richmond *cue Jonathan pointing to the sky* to see a roller derby game, which was pretty cool. The Richmond A and B teams both won. We met up with his friend Katie, who is trying out for the team. He also took me to two places he likes Pierce's Pit (for BBQ) on the way to Richmond and a spot called Croaker's when we got there. Both had great food. And both apparently blew up since he's last been there and had heavy traffic.

Speaking of traffic, I got my second (or third?) driving lesson on Sunday and nicely crashed into his father's (plastic!!!) trash bin. Basically I was easing towards the bin (which was between us and his father's house) by releasing the brake until I got right up on the bin (I still struggle with gauging how far I am from things on all sides and he kept encouraging me to go forward). I forgot brake from gas decided to press the "brake" (which I was actually already pressing) and accelerated into the bin. Freaked the fuck OUT. Sat there frozen for a good 20 minutes, crying.

He made me feel better and I just sat there until I unfroze, then we went to his HS parking lot where I think I made a lot of improvements. Lines really help! And islands. Cause near his father's I was just driving around the block repeatedly. When I was at the parking lot I could feel like I was doing it "right" by staying in the lines. And of course by not driving into/over the islands. We ended with me sliding into a space and I both got a better feeling for how much space is around me (by stepping out the car) and felt more confident cause I realized I was in the spot better than I'd thought. So I'm kinda hyped about going back for my next lesson! Especially since he says he's gonna try to get cones. And Jon is a great teacher. He makes me a bit nervous cause he does that phantom pressing of the imaginary gas and brake in the passenger seat. lol But he's patient and understanding. Also I think he pressed the phantom brake a lot less when we were in the parking lot. lol

So yeah those were the main events. Other than that we watched Lakeview Terrace, which was shitty as hell and great. Great only cause I got to have him share my pain of that terrible ass movie. Oh and I bought a bunch of haircare products in Richmond (as Jon continued his attempts to sell me on Richmond by assuring me that I can get all my Black haircare needs met there). I'm strongly contemplating going natural (which will be another entry), so the stuff I bought has been to help me in that process and/or just make my hair it's most healthy.

I'm still trying to get him to let go of his old clothes (in addition to trying to steal his old clothes for myself cause he smells *amazing*) so I bought him a sweater (to replace one that literally has frayed cuffs and is prolly older than Methuselah), but it didn't fit right. I think I found a good replacement in Old Navy's Tall selection. That sweater will be mine! And seriously he needs a new one. Many of his clothes are more hole than clothes. I am strategically attempting to replace them all so the old stuff can be throw out or I can take them and have a stockpile of Jon smelling stuff.
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