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Context: I have previously tied up the garbage and he has previously been able to catch a fuckin clue and take it down to the trash compactor.
This morning I tied up the garbage and left it in trash bin.
Also I have maybe 3 dishes that have been in the sink for about two days. I have asked him more times than I care to even try to recount to not leave dirty dishes in the sink.
When I got home tonight both the dirty dishes and the non-taken-down trash were awaiting me.

Me: So could you wash the dishes and take down the trash tonight?
This fuckin idiot: (re: the dishes) That might have to wait til the morning

[....I..... yeah....]

The idiot continued: Is the trash my responsibility?

Y'all.... I am done. Is this an adult? By my standards it's not. Maybe my standards are too high. I dunno. But that is just not a response I expect from an adult. Both the verbal response and the non-verbal ones.

The good news is he'll be gone by the middle of January. He has a job. I dunno if it's full time. I don't fuckin care. I just know he's getting the fuck out of my muthafuckin apartment. And I sincerely have no desire for him to return to my apartment ever again. I am DONE.

What's beef?

For the first time in a loooooooong time I am excited about a beef. And I would never have expected to be excited about this beef, but I am "oooh oooh, when the next diss track gonna come out!?!?!" excited! Maybe it's because it's the first time in a while a beef (at least so far) appears to be staying where it belongs: "on wax." Maybe my venom for Nicki is just that strong. Maybe Kim endeared me to herself more than I realized after her verse on "Hey Ho." Whatever the case may be, I'm hyped.

ETA: Changed the embed. This one is much better. No DJ shouting over it. Just straight play./Whole thing.

No seriously the impersonation in the end. :dead:

It saddens me that so far the response to this (that I've seen) is "Kim is irrelevant." First of all, this whole notion of irrelevance is a farce based on nothing. Second of all the track is ill and if relevance is to be based on anything it should be skill. It seems like because miss spastic baby voice is the current "It girl" it's blinding people from recognizing how good this diss track is.

If anything Kim is to be commended for getting through a song without a reference to suckin dick.

I haven't heard Nicki put out anything yet that leads me to believe she'll top this. But I will (try to) be as unbiased as possible whenever her response comes out. At the end of the day I'm just glad to see beef done right. 50 cent needs to take notes. No making video clips with relatives. No madness. Just "I'm better and here's a track. Please respond."

And I don't think this is the greatest diss song of all time. It's no Ether, but it's excellent and at the very least a good start for what I hope it a healthy back and forth between them.

But seriously though Nicki can't top that!


30 Days of Music: Day 30

Your favorite song at this time last year

I'm honestly not sure what was my favorite song in Nov 2009, but I know The Ecstatic came out around Summer of last year and I was loving it for a good minute (still do). So it's safe to say this was on my phone. It's on my phone now and I listen to either that or How I Got Over on the way to and from work.

I'se finished!!

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30 Days of Music: Day 29

A song from your childhood

When I was either 10 or 11 my "Aunt" Delphenia got me a portable record player with two albums. An album full of songs from the Chipmunks and a Sesame Street album. I thought the portable player was cool, but was thoroughly insulted at the idea that I, such a mature 10/11 year old adolescent, would be interested in listening to such childish things. Within 2 weeks I loved both albums. And when I bought a record player years ago, both albums were among the first things I (re)bought. It's between this and Witch Doctor for what's my fave. But Alvin wanting a "hoola hoo" does it for me.

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30 Days of Music: Day 28

A song that makes you feel guilty

So I've spoken a lot about growing up in a conservative household. When I was younger listening to sexually explicit songs gave me so much stress and guilt! I remember sneaking to listen to Part-Time Lover and feeling horrible while doing so. lol This song made me feel so guilty. And it stands out because it felt like the song was everywhere. And all the other kids loved singing it. Meanwhile I kept checking over my shoulder to see if my gramma was looking. Even though explicit songs no longer make me blush, I'm still not too comfortable listening to this song to this day.

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30 Days of Music: Day 27

A song that you wish you could play

For some strange reason the first 30 or so seconds of the video have a phone dialing and ringing. Ignore that. I just wanted a version that features the piano playing in the beginning. I would like to know how to play that. Yes.

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30 Days of Music: Day 26

A song that you can play on an instrument

I just may finish this meme yet! (Hush, Portia!!) So I learned that little basic piano rift not too long after this version of Lean On Me came out. I remember being quite proud of myself. lol

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30 Days of Music: Day 25

A song that makes you laugh

It's more like DU makes me laugh, but yeah.

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30 Days of Music: Day 24

A song that you want to play at your funeral

I don't want a funeral. I want to be cremated. Whether or not a memorial service is had will be up to my family. But I'd prefer people gather together and share pleasant memories about me than they got together and prayed over my ashes/corpse and played "I'll Fly Away" or "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot" or some shit. In any case, for some reason I picture this song being played at some point. Not entirely sure why.

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30 Days of Music: Day 23

A song that you want to play at your wedding

This is a no-brainer.

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